All Natural. All Cola. Made with ingredients from 100% natural sources.

Simply Cola belongs to the Red Bull family, but is not an energy drink. It’s simply a cola with ingredients from 100% natural sources. Thanks to its very special mix of ingredients, Simply Cola has a unique taste that’s not too sweet. Simply Cola is for those who prefer a natural cola alternative. Simply Cola contains natural flavours from plant extracts and further ingredients from natural sources like alpine water, sugar from sugarbeets, and caramel sugar syrup:

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  • Mustard Seeds


    The Cacao tree is a tropical evergreen, which has been cultivated by the Indians for more than 2000 years. Even the Aztecs prepared aromatic drinks from the Cacao beans.

  • Mustard Seeds


    Cardamom is native to the forests of Southern India but is also commonly cultivated in other tropical regions of the world. The seeds contain essential oil and have a warm, slightly pungent and highly aromatic flavour.

  • Mustard Seeds


    This perennial herb is native to Europe. Its roots are both sweet and bitter in flavour and are commonly used as a flavouring agent in confectionary. The Greek name glykyrrhiza, of which the word Licorice derives, means “sweet root.”

  • Mustard Seeds

    Vanilla Pods

    The Vanilla is the fruit of a wonderful blooming orchid. Fresh Vanilla beans have no aroma. In order for them to fully develop their flavour and deep chocolate brown colour, they need to cure. The usage of Vanilla dates back to the Aztec era and is still one of the most valuable flavours in the modern World.

  • Mustard Seeds


    The Pine is an evergreen conifer, growing throughout the world but native to the Northern Hemisphere. The fragrant, volatile oil is also used extensively in aromatherapy.

  • Mustard Seeds


    Oranges are believed native to the tropical regions of Asia and have been cultivated since the early times. Orange trees from 50 to 80 years of age, can still bear fruits in abundance. Orange extract gives Simply Cola its natural and distinguished aroma.

  • Mustard Seeds

    Mustard Seeds

    Already 3000 years ago, Mustard was regarded as a spice in China. Mustard is an annual herbaceous plant whose seeds are used for cooking, frying and marinating. The mild-nutty tasting seeds only display their pungent flavour during cooking, when gradually added.

  • Mustard Seeds


    A native evergreen tree originating from the Moluccas, or Spice Islands in the Indonesian Archipelago, which is now grown in most tropical regions across the World. The brown fruit seed is covered with a bright red, fleshy structure called an aril. The aril is the source of mace. Mace is often used in light dishes for the bright orange, saffron-like hue it imparts. It therefore perfectly enhances the unique Simply Cola taste.

  • Mustard Seeds


    The Lime tree widely grows in tropical and subtropical areas. The Lime pulp is tender, juicy, yellowish green in colour and has a distinctive, refreshing taste.

  • Mustard Seeds


    Probably unknown to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the small tree or spreading bush of the Lemon is now growing to a limited extent in most tropical and subtropical countries. The yellow fruits have an astringent and distinctive flavour.

  • Mustard Seeds


    The bushy, evergreen Cinnamon tree is native to Sri Lanka and its neighbouring islands, whilst also being cultivated in South America. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices and was once more valuable than gold.

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    The Clove tree is an evergreen native to Indonesia. It was important in the early spice trade and since Roman times has been referred to as a spice in the Western World.

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    Corn Mint

    Mint is native to North America and Eurasia. Its essential oil has a characteristic odour and flavour, followed by a cooling effect when applied to skin. Its usage dates back to the ancient times.

  • Mustard Seeds


    Galangal, a root belonging to the Ginger family, has a distinct peppery flavour and is best known for its appearance in Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisine.

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    Ginger is an aromatic, pungent rhizome that has been used in India and China since ancient times. It is an important spice for exotic foods.

  • Mustard Seeds

    Kola Nut

    The namesake of all colas and a must for any truly authentic cola! The flavours of the Kola Nut have been used as a key cola ingredient since the cola category was first established, though nowadays often replaced by artificial flavourings - not the case for Simply Cola of course! The Kola Nut is a nut growing on evergreen trees native to the tropical rainforests of Africa, but can now also be found in the American tropics, where it is commercially cultivated.

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    Caffeine is naturally occurring in many foodstuffs such as coffee, tea and chocolate. The caffeine in Simply Cola is of natural source and produced from coffee beans.

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    Alpine Water

    The water used in Simply Cola is alpine water. The Alps, are known as one of the biggest fresh water reservoirs in the World. Pure, untreated water is available in abundance and is constantly replenished.

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    Caramel Sugar Syrup

    Caramel sugar syrup is obtained by the controlled heat treatment of sugar. It has a distinctive odour and taste, giving Simply Cola its characteristic warm, brown colour.

  • Mustard Seeds


    Simply Cola does not contain artificial sweeteners. Simply Cola is made with sugar sourced from Sugar Beets.

What's not inside



Creating a high quality, delicious cola can be pretty simple when you are using only the best ingredients from 100% natural sources. But of course the high quality ingredients are not enough on their own. A whole lot of love and creativity went into developing a recipe that stayed clear of phosphoric acid, preservatives and artificial flavours and colours. We wanted to keep it down to earth and simple.



The idea of creating an all natural cola has been around nearly as long as the Red Bull Energy Drink. In fact, while working on the launch of Red Bull Energy Drink during the 1980s, the Simply Cola design was created, using the distinctive colours blue, silver and red, which have become synonymous with Red Bull. The design was kept in a safe until the time was right. Red Bull always believed there was a clear place for a high quality cola beverage that only contains ingredients from 100% natural sources. In 2008, Red Bull launched Simply Cola in Austria.

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